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Taking a vacation is wonderful, but changing a vacation to learning about a culture that’s close to home, and yet unknown to many, is truly an experience like no other. Visiting Cuba is just this experience.
Cuba presents its visitors with a multitude of exciting things. It’s truly a melting pot of cultures, primarily Spanish and African, which shine through in every aspect of life, from its food to its music, from its sports to its dancing, from its history to its influence in the Caribbean and around the world. Take a ride in a vintage convertible and learn about all the incredible things Cuba has to offer. See where Hemingway lived and experience a sociocultural project in a community that helps children with social problems.


One of my favorite things to do is wander around Greenwich Village. There’s just something so enchanting about the quiet winding streets tucked between the busy avenues. I feel at peace as I stroll along the hidden alleys past a quiet historic theater that no doubt comes alive at night and a dog and its owner going for an afternoon stroll in a square. Almost lost in the curved paths and quiet, I am surprised at how easily I could forget that I am even in New York City.

That is, until I find myself on Seventh Avenue and then Bleecker Street. Once there, I’m in the midst of busy restaurants and shops. Everything is alive with a different kind of energy. People duck into boutiques to check out the latest fashions. They sip their wine while enjoying plates of pasta after Sunday Mass. Children hurry to eat their popsicles before the sun melts them, leaving sugary trails down their arms. A mere five minute walk and I am in a different world. And I can’t decide which one I love more.

Have you ever wandered past a collection of cozy restaurants, a dozen shoe stores, and the 3rd largest cathedral in the world in just 10 minutes? Have you ventured to the burial site of monarchs that united a country and permanently changed the world? Have you ever had a monkey climbing on your shoulders minutes after walking across an active runway?

I love reminscing of my days in Spain and the mystical Gibraltar. Being pleasantly lost as I wandered along the cobblestone streets was invigorating. Motorcycles whizzed past as I strolled by a row of pastel buildings along the River Guadalquivir. Women in heels and sunglasses glided down the street, their hair blowing from the gentle breeze. The smell of fresh calamari filled the air as my thoughts drifted to the flamenco shows that I enjoyed while grazing on selections of amazing tapas and wine. As I continued into a giant plaza lined with orange trees, a grand statue beckoned me to continue my Spanish dream.

In the "land of the setting sun", the culture is intoxicatingly rich and full. Flamenco shows, decadent food and wine, and ancient ruins come together with inviting plazas, elaborate architecture, and welcoming people to form an experience like no other.
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Happy New Year!

As Oprah wisely said, “Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” Let’s embrace that sentiment throughout 2016 and do our best to ensure a happy and healthy year.

Resolutions to improve our lives are very common. Many of us promise to lead better lives in terms of health, spiritual growth, or parenting styles. Those resolutions are fabulous but how many of us make resolutions to have more fun, to splurge a little, to take a mental break and de-stress?

Imagine an escape to the Amalfi Coast. Your biggest decision will be whether you’re going to gaze out at the magic of the sea in front of you or the beauty of the town behind you. Known for its incredible landscapes and culinary excellence, the coast is the perfect escape. Imagine the fresh burst of a juicy tomato, the salty bite of mozzarella, and the sweet and savory freshness of basil as you watch a boat sail between the cliffs. Is there anything more peaceful?

Think back to the first time you watched Buddy the Elf discover New York City. Every time he turned around, he found something new, interesting, and exciting (except for taxis because “yellow ones don’t stop!”). For a New Yorker, immersed in rushing to work and shopping and cooking and cleaning, it can be so easy to forget about that excitement.

But there’s truly nothing quite like the holiday season in New York City. As temperatures drop, holiday cheer rises. Decorations go up, adding sparkle to an already magical city. Christmas trees and menorahs grace store windows, and snowflakes, both real and electric, appear on light poles. The prospect of delicious meals with family, curling up by a fireplace, and a good cup of hot cocoa with carols in the background is enchanting.

The New York Times Sunday Book Review, November 1, 2015:

"Happy Trails: Novelists are inherently entrepreneurial — they work for themselves, making products they hope will find a niche — but not everybody goes as far as Adriana Trigiani (whose latest, 'All the Stars in the Heavens' is No.14 on the hardcover fiction list). A few years ago, Trigiani flew to Italy with a friend, Gina Casella, who had arranged the trip. 'On the flight home, Adri said, "Could you do this for my readers?”' Casella explains on Trigiani’s website. 'That’s how we came to create AT Escapes,' a division of Adriana Trigiani Tours, with travel inspired by Trigiani’s novels. Think of it as brand extension."

Stunning, breath-taking, unique, truly amazing... These are just a few words that have been used to describe the beauty and awe of Venice, Verona and Lake Garda. With pretty much guaranteed sunshine and bright blue skies, spring is the perfect time of year to escape and experience these incredible locations.

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