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Here’s what some of our wonderful guests had to say about traveling with us!
People ask me about the highlight of my trip to Italy. I just can't decide! The incredible food! The surprise visit from Adriana! The wonderful docents who added so much to the cultural experience! My fellow travelers who became instant friends! Or the private boat ride through the grottos with a glass of wine in hand! It's impossible to choose! One amazing adventure, for sure!

Marianne Rossi - Diamond Tour (Tuscany, Rome, Capri) - July 2015
Life is always a journey and you can make it more of an adventure when you travel with this fantastic group. Sevilla was gorgeous and the Alhambra is a design inspiration. After we left there we traveled to Gibraltar and ventured to the top of the "rock" where we could see the tip of Africa.

Our time in Gibraltar was hosted by a remarkable group of natives who guided us and we enjoyed the “locals" favorites. Yes!! we even saw the monkey's. It was truly memorable and can’t wait for the next adventure.....

Michele Cataldo South of Spain and Gibraltar - May 2014

Ennio and Laura in Italy Gina, we cannot express how wonderful our trip turned out. You captured exactly what we were looking for in Tuscany, Assisi and Rome. The wineries and tours were fabulous!

We fell in love with Tuscany! And we met the priest in the small town in Chianti who renewed our vows in Italian during the 11:00 Sunday mass. What a wonderful way to celebrate our 40th anniversary. All the people in church came up to us after mass to wish us “auguri"!

Our tour of Assisi was inspirational. The guide you booked for us was a very nice person and so knowledgable.

The Majestic hotel in Rome was perfect and the driver to the airport was so charming. We have so many pictures that I will send you just a few. Thank you for making this trip a dream come true.

Laura and Ennio - Customized Tour, Tuscany and Rome - 2014
After you’ve had a truly wonderful “first experience,” you’re hesitant to believe that another opportunity will live up to the same standards. Our trip to the beautiful southern part of Spain and Gibraltar did that and more! Once again, Gina Casella was able to create an itinerary that made this adventure all we had hoped it would be. We experienced the full flavor of the region in every definition of the word. No matter how many times we travel with Adriana Trigiani Tours, each trip is always like the first experience - wonderful in every way!

Meg Hunt and Rebecca West - South of Spain and Gibraltar - May 2014
family on the AT Escapes Diamond Tour We were searching for a tour of Italy for the summer of 2014. After looking at many different companies, I stumbled upon a notice for a website for Adriana Trigiani Tours, and the magic began. We chose the Diamond Tour - Florence, Rome and Capri - and we had 8 of our own family members, and we met up with 6 more people for a total of 14. We have traveled with tour groups with other companies, and there honestly is no comparison to the experience we had with Adriana Trigiani Tours. Touring with Adriana Trigiani Tours is like touring with your family - the small group size and the personal interactions create an experience like no other! Each day there were surprises, and enough flexibility in our schedule to make sure everyone could see and do whatever was important to them - Gina could and did make magic happen every day of the trip.

After such an extraordinary time on that tour in July, I decided to travel with my mother-in-law on the Val d’Orcia tour just a few weeks ago. This trip was centered in a rustic villa in Trequanda, and we traveled with a group of 3 other women, along with a driver and a guide. Words cannot do justice to the week spent touring Tuscany like a local, with laughter, food, wine and tours of historical highlights of the area. From Pienza to Siena, and the thermal pools of Bagno Vignoni - and sometimes just a stop along a road for majestic views of the Val d'Orcia region - or the cooking class at the villa with a renowned Danish chef, brought up from Rome so we could create a meal of fresh pasta and other Tuscan dishes - no detail was overlooked! We cannot wait to see, and are very much looking forward to what our next experience will be traveling with Adriana Trigiani Tours.

Kathy - Diamond Tour and Val d’Orcia Tour - July & October 2014
Words and pictures do not tell the whole story of the wonderful adventure you and Gina took us on. Now there are so many moments in my day that wander off to the streets of Florence; the aroma of sumptuous food and wine; the sights of beautiful Capri…it warms my heart to be included on such a remarkable journey, and to have shared it with so many wonderful new friends. Grazie, grazie….my heart remains in Italy.

Erica, Diamond Tour
Everything was paced perfectly. Not so much walking that we were exhausted at the end of the day… I now have a new “family”. What a great and funny group they were. We had so many laughs and as you know, still keeping in touch with each other… I think having a small group made all the difference.

Diana, Tuscany Tour
Over the Top, would be the best way to describe every facet of our recent trip to Italy. The planning was impeccable, and a necessity to make the best of our nine glorious days. Traveling with Gina and Nikki is like traveling with your best friends, the ones that know where to stay, where to eat and show you the best time possible.

The tour group was small, so we all became friends and truly enjoyed each others company… Gina’s association with the finest Restaurateurs in every city we visited was always evident at the dinner table when the food was presented. Every time we ate a meal, my thoughts were, it couldn’t get much better than this, but it always did. She is so well liked and respected wherever she goes, that you feel like you are having dinner with long lost friends that just don’t know what to do for you first…

I will leave you with this thought. Every time I saw other tour groups with large crowds in total chaos, I knew I was the Lucky One to have chosen Gina, Nikki and Adriana Trigiani tours.

Pat, Diamond Tour
Tara on the Diamond Tour Adriana Trigiani tours gave me the trip of a lifetime. I would go anywhere with Gina and Nikki. This tour is a five star tour. The hotels we stayed at were comfortable and nice. The restaurant choices for the group dinners were amazing, I’m certain if I would have done this trip alone I wouldn’t have found these amazing local places. We were greeted by all the locals warmly. The places we visited on the tour were great! I loved each location equally for their own characteristics.

Florence I thought was the perfect small big city. I loved the architecture, the shopping, the food, the wine. In Rome I loved the history. I loved how this city has preserved all of the ancient structures and basically built a city around its artifacts. I was truly in awe of the Coliseum. The Vatican was beautiful and amazing. And i cant forget the food and the wine. Capri, well, wow! I think I left a little of my heart behind. Absolutely beautiful. Our first walk to the garden, I don’t know if you noticed but I could have stayed up there and stared out at he water for hours in end. I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life. And the food and the wine.

Tara, Diamond Tour
Our trip to Positano Italy was more than I had imagined. The location is like a storybook seaside village built into the side of a mountain. It is very unique, very picturesque. The food is delicious. We enjoyed everywhere we ate. One of the highlights was the cooking classes. Cooking with the Chefs in their kitchens was a great experience. We cooked with the freshest vegetables right from their gardens. The mozzarella, chicken and fish fresh that day. The hotel was charming and the staff very accommodating. Thank you Gina and Nikki, it certainly was a first-rate tour.

Lorraine, Positano Tour
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