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Here’s what some of our wonderful guests had to say about traveling with us!
Adriana Trigiani Tours give you everything you want most in a vacation……beautiful and interesting destinations, comfortable lodgings, knowledgeable tour guides, world class meals, safe transfers and so much more. And, because of the small group, you get the added benefit of being able to create lasting friendships with your fellow travelers. On our recent Florence/Rome/Capri tour, Gina and Nikki made us feel like royalty the entire time. If you want a true “white glove experience”, an Adriana Trigiani Tour is the only way to go!

Susan, Diamond Tour
From the moment you arrive and are greeted by Adriana Trigiani Tours, you will discover new worlds and new experiences that can’t be matched. From an Italian Renaissance history professor sharing about art at the Uffizi in Florence to a behind-the-scenes tour of a winery and an afternoon repast in the Chianti region to a hands-on cooking class in a chef’s villa, you won’t want the trip to end. Adriana Trigiani Tours offers experiences and memories to last a lifetime. It’s bellisimo!

Cynthia, Tuscany Tour
Every detail was well thought out — from the amazing choice of hotels, to the outstanding restaurants and food… I have traveled to Italy before — however this tour was full of new discoveries.

Michele C., Tuscany Tour
This trip was the perfect trip. It was complete with a wide variety of things to do and see that are truly highlights of the areas we visited. This tour had the perfect amount of sight seeing and free time. It was the perfect balance! Built in to just 10 days we covered a lot of ground yet hit the best highlights to give you the perfect perception of Italy. I really cannot say enough about this trip. Now that I’m back home, in my same old routine again, I’ve decided I need to start saving my pennies because I would love to experience Adriana Trigiani Tours again. It truly is an experience like no other.

Tara, Diamond Tour
We absolutely loved the Greenwich Village Food Tour. I never would have ventured into that neighborhood on my own and I certainly wouldn’t have known where to find those fabulous places if it hadn’t been for the tour. I will recommend this tour to everyone I know.

Laura, Greenwich Village Food Tour
Thoughts of Italy bring to mind the great works of art by Michelangelo and Raphael or the scientific genius of Galileo, and of course, the food and the wine of Tuscany. Traveling to Italy with Adriana Trigiani Tours, however, brings all of these to life as you experience in full measure the beauty of the Renaissance, the brilliance of scientific intellect, and the flavors that define this remarkable country. In all of our travels, never have we so thoroughly enjoyed a trip as much as we did our tour of the Tuscan region with Gina Casella and Nikki Padilla expertly guiding us through this wonderful adventure of sights, sounds and tastes that truly are Italy. We cannot imagine touring any country with anyone but Adriana Trigiani Tours!

Meg and Rebecca, Tuscany Tour
Our tour was so well planned and thought out by you: with such incredible attention to every detail… I realize that our trip was so unique in that we had a small group and were able to travel in style… We were able to see parts of Rome that the average tourist would have undoubtedly missed.

Terri-Sue, Rome & Capri Tour
This was my second trip and it was as exciting as the first one. Gina and Nikki make every effort to see that all is taken care of. I love the fact that it is kept to a small group it gives you more of a family feeling. A great way to make new and lasting friends.

Diana, Positano Tour
Thank you so much for planning the most wonderful tour to the Tuscany region of Italy. The hotels that we stayed in were truly first class. The sights that we saw were spectacular, but it was your personal touch that really made the whole trip so good. The cooking class that we took was so yummy and the chef spoke only Italian – but you were right there to translate for us.

Gloria, Tuscany Tour
Joanna on the Positano tour Everything was so well-organized. I especially loved having the free time to explore and enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the people of Positano and Capri. Our hotel was top-notch, and the owners were like family. Everything we did was perfect, from the dinners to the winery to the trip to Capri. I don’t think we could have assembled a more perfect group if we tried. I think a huge part of that is that we all had a love of Adriana’s books in common. We had so much fun everytime we were together. You, Gina, and even Isabella were always there to answer a question, help with a side trip, or just have fun with the group. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. It far exceeded my expectations, and I’m definitely signing up for another one. This wasn’t your average tour; this was an exceptional experience!

Joanna, Positano Tour
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